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How do I get a Text to Audio MP3 file in a natural voice?

Free Tools to Get Text-To-Audio MP3 File

If you have a long text, then it can be boring to read it. You need to convert your text into an audio MP3 file that you can listen to. However, the voice that comes with your computer is very unnatural and robotic. So, you want to listen to it in a natural voice. Let me give a list of some free online tools to get a text-to-audio MP3 file in a natural voice. 

Let me tell you the important thing that, the best text-to-speech tools are not free. If you are using TTS for your business purpose. Don't go for the free tools. These tools will give synthetic and distorted output. If you want a quick voice-over for your project or just to read a small paragraph, then you can go for the tools listed below.

Check out Speakatoo for your business. It has over 120 languages and 700 different voices, you may use Speakatoo generated Voices with any type of Videos you create for Youtube, Vlogging, Training & Learning Videos, Story Telling, Audio E-Books, Promotion, etc.

Text to MP3

Text to MP3 is one of the free TTS tools. It speaks English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, and Turkish languages. You need to first download an MP3 file to listen to the output. It allows you to create Text speech mp3 files of up to 10000 words. It provides you with an extra feature to add background music, which is a fun thing.

Free TTS

The Free TTS tool allows you to convert 5000 characters at a time. The free version is limited to just 6,000 characters per week. It speaks more than 23 languages. The voice quality of the out is better than some other free tools. It supports SSML (Speech Synthesis Markup Language) which customize your audio by providing details on pauses, audio formatting.

Text to Speech

For the free version Textto Speech tool allows only 100 characters at a time. It speaks more than 40 languages, with four distinct voices per language. You can adjust playback by volume, speed, and pitch. It has a lot of features that can be useful. Just log in and start to explore.

Natural Readers

The Natural Readers allows you to use the Premium Voices for 20 minutes per day. Free users can also download the NR Chrome Extension from the Chrome Web Store to use the Free Voices unlimitedly. For free users features like documents history and Pronunciation Editor are available. You can toggle on a font that’s easier for readers with dyslexia to follow, and text is adjustable by size. 

Text-to-Speech Tool

This Text-to-Speech Tool is currently using voice sources from Amazon's Polly and Microsoft TTS. This permits it to offer a better quality yield in output. Text-To-Speech Tool upholds 18 dialects, with differing quantities of voices for each. In English, there are 16 from Amazon and 12 from Microsoft. Controls incorporate volume, rate, and pitch. Downloadable mp3s are accessible.

Natural TTS

Natural TTS can speak 6 popular languages in 61 natural voices. Simply switching the special SSML tab, you can easily customize and control aspects of speech such as pronunciation, volume, and speech rate. It can save up to 10 recordings at a time. Both playback and MP3 can be downloaded.

TTS Reader

TTS Reader extracts the text from pdf files and reads it out loud. Also useful for simply copying text from pdf to anywhere. It can speak more than 40 languages. TTS Reader remembers its last text and position, so you can always continue playing right where you left it.


The free version of iSpeech speaks more than 30 languages with 2 voices i.e male and female voices. With the free version voice in the output file is a bit distorted and robotic. It is the first Text-to-Speech (TTS) software as a service (SaaS) cloud. To explore more features you need to download the software.

Text 2 Speech

The Text 2 speech tool allows you to convert 4000 characters at a time. It speaks 4 languages in 6 voices. Controls are provided to regulate the speed. Output can be downloaded in MP3 and WAV files.


Wideo allows you to convert 2000 characters per day. I can speak over 20 languages. You can control the speed. The additional feature of this software is, it can create videos also.

Text-to-Speech AI-based Tool by Speakatoo

Maybe you are still not satisfied with the above list. Maybe, you haven't found yet, what you want. If you are looking for text to audio converter for commercial use, then you will not find it in the above list. Free versions of the websites will not provide you with commercial service.

Speakatoo can speak over 120 languages and 700 different voices, you may use Speakatoo generated Voices with any type of Videos you create for Youtube, Vlogging, Training & Learning Videos, Story Telling, Audio E-Books, Promotion, etc.


Speakatoo has especially been invented to make your life easy. It is compatible with all Video making applications like Camtasia, Audacity, iMovie, Premiere Pro, Windows Movie Maker. To get the real experience Login now.

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