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Urdu Text to Speech Generator

Urdu Text to Speech

Urdu is the national language of Pakistan and is one of the 22 official languages of India. It serves as a lingua franca for speakers of many different languages in both countries. In Pakistan, Urdu is spoken by nearly 70 million people as a first language; in India, the number is over 100 million.

This Urdu Text to Speech Generator can generate various types of audio files from text. These can be used for : 

Creating audio files

Creating audio files

Text to Speech in Urdu

Creating mail messages

Text to Urdu Speech

Writing tasks

Urdu Text to Speech TTS

Recordings from your notes

Text to Speech Urdu

Urdu voiceovers for articles

Online Text to Speech Urdu

Urdu Audiobooks

Urdu Audiobooks

Urdu Text to MP3

You can choose between different voices to create your audio file. You can also customize the speed at which it will be read, as well as its pitch and volume levels. For Example, If you want to add a female voice to your video, you can do it efficiently in an Urdu text to speech converter.

The best way to make your Urdu text available to a wider audience is by creating an audio version of it. This will allow people who cannot read the script to still understand what you have written. You can use this text-to-speech generator to create an audio file with a high-quality voice-over in Urdu.

If you want to create audio materials in Urdu, you can’t just hire voice-over artists or record your own. If you are on a budget and want to save money on voice-over production, choose Speakatoo, an Urdu text-to-speech tool that can read out your marketing script for you. Just paste your text into the generator and you will get an instant audio file with a high-quality voice in Urdu.

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Real-time examples of Urdu Text to Voice

Audio samples in Urdu are listed below. The same audio files are used in the above video, just to make you understand how you can use the audio as a background vocalist for a video. Accordingly, you can use this tool for creating audio materials for your marketing campaigns and can use the generated audio to promote your business or brand on social media and other platforms.

Urdu (India): Female, گل 
Urdu (India): Male, سلمان 

Benefits Of Urdu Text to Speech Converter

Urdu Text to Speech

You see, many people use their smartphones or tablets as their primary source of information on the web. This means that they may not have access to high-quality audio material when reading your website or listening to your YouTube videos. They may also be unable to read them because they don't understand English well enough or simply because they prefer listening rather than reading things on screen or paper.

Text to voice Urdu is a powerful tool that can greatly benefit your business. It enables you to reach out to a wider audience and enhance your brand image. While the benefits of text to speech Urdu are many, the most important one is that it allows you to reach more people.

1) It's Easy To Use: You don't need any special skills or knowledge about how our software works. Just follow these simple steps: upload your text file (or paste it into an empty box), choose your output format (audio file), and then click on the "Generate" button! That's all!

2) High-Quality Text To Speech Audio Output: Our software uses advanced algorithms that ensure that all generated audio files have perfect pronunciation.

3) Higher Engagement: Every day, text-to-speech tools are getting updated by different companies. Earlier the results obtained from these tools were in a robotic voice. But, now you can get the results in over 120 languages and 660 different voices. 

4) Increase Productivity: For frequent video creators, text to speech is a boon. Let's compare a video creation with a typical or traditional process and TTS tools. If you are using a typical method, you will need a person for voiceover. He / She will create only one at a time. Instead, if you are using text to speech tool, you can create multiple voiceovers at a time in different voices and languages.

Let's have a look at the summary of benefits quickly

  • Helping people with reading difficulties.
  • Make an audio file available on your website or blog in case people prefer listening to reading.
  • Translate content into different languages so that your audience can understand it better.
  • Make your content more interesting and appealing by adding a voiceover.

Different ways Urdu TTS can benefit an individual

Text to speech in Urdu is a technology that is being used by many people who are not able to read the texts on their own. Text to speech in Urdu has helped them by providing them with access to information that they were previously unable to get.

Text-to-speech technology is a form of assistive technology that converts written words into an audio signal. There are various ways text to speech can benefit an individual.

Text to speech software has been around for a while now but it’s only recently that the technology has advanced enough to be able to provide high-quality audio output.

Text-to-speech software can be used in different ways such as: reading text aloud, providing auditory feedback, or reading text in another language.

The most common use case of text-to-speech is for people with disabilities who have difficulty reading or understanding written information.

How to Convert Urdu Text to Audio?

Step 1

Create an account and log in to your account.

Step 2

Paste your text into the input box.

Step 3

Select the

Step 4

Select your voice
of choice.

Step 5

Adjust the volume and speaking rate.

Step 6

Synthesize the file and your file is ready to download.

FAQ's on Urdu Text to Speech Converter

Yes, you can convert your text file to MPS format and use it for the various purpose stated in the blog.

You can get your MP3 file with the most natural voices. You can try our different voices by visiting the link Try Me

Yes, you can use generated audio file for the video as a background voice.

Speakatoo Urdu TTS converter is a web-based AI tool. You can use it online on any device.

Final thoughts on Urdu Text to Speech Converter

The Urdu Text to Speech Generator allows you to easily generate your audio files from text using our simple online tool. You can use this generator for any purpose (commercial or non-commercial). The tool is user-friendly, you can operate it without any training. There is a limit for characters to try out a free basic plan. If you want to use it for large files, get a premium plan and enjoy the limitless conversion of your files with quality voices. You can listen to the above video and audio samples for your reference.

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