Why Text to Speech (TTS) should be your default choice for your eLearning courses

Benefits Of Using Text-To-Speech In eLearning

eLearning used to be all about tutorials and lectures, but so much more can be done with it these days. We're seeing all kinds of new and creative ways of making use of this medium and today we're going to talk about how we can use text-to-speech in eLearning.


eLearning has come a long way and we're seeing all kinds of new and creative ways of making use of this medium. We've seen all kinds of software programs and platforms using text to speech(TTS). eLearning development teams have been using text-to-speech tools to create a realistic training environment.

In a pandemic, everyone is working from home. The introduction of text to speech has become helpful for every type of industry. Especially for eLearning platforms, it has become a boon. Your company can save time and money by maintaining a large library of curriculum that provides value for employees while improving the user experience.

Let's have a look at the benefits of using text-to-speech in online training programs.

Easily Update the content

Evergreen content is one of the most profitable content you can create. It's content that is always relevant, never outdated. The best type of evergreen content is text-based content that you can easily convert into audio. There are tons of companies that are offering text-to-speech services. 

For eLearning websites, it is essential to update the videos frequently. For example, if you have made a video on a particular topic with a traditional method. Now, you have to edit some parts of the voice, it is a most difficult task to find the same voice and put the piece in a place. But, with text to speech, it is just some clicks, and the task is done.

Higher Engagement

Every day, text-to-speech tools are getting updated by different companies. Earlier the results obtained from these tools were in a robotic voice. But, now you can get the results in over 120 languages and 660 different voices. 

You can choose the voice of your favorite character to get the results. It has integrated more human voice. You can assign different avatars to the different courses, making it more sorted and interesting. This practice can help you to get higher engagement.

Increase productivity

For frequent video creators, text to speech is a boon. Let's compare a video creation with a typical or traditional process and TTS tools. If you are using a typical method, you will need a person for voiceover. He / She will create only one at a time. Instead, if you are using text to speech tool, you can create multiple voiceovers at a time in different voices and languages. If still, you are not TTS for your eLearning portal it's high time to get it. 

This technology is designed by the developer to make the access of information easier. If user has any written material he can listen to it by this technology.

User-specific content

If you are planning to target the international market, language can become a barrier to your growth. Text to speech can speak more than 660 languages. Type or paste your text in the input box, select the language and get your voiceover ready at the click of a button. 

No need to search for the person, no need to train them for a particular language and pronunciation. Text to speech tools knows it all. Start using TTS and reduce the cost of employment, and go beyond boundaries. The language will never be a barrier for you.


A lot of people don’t realize that there is a lot of text to speech (TTS) tools that are very useful for you to improve your site experience. Text to Speech (TTS) is the ability of a computer to convert text into spoken audio. TTS can be used for applications like voice recording (e.g. voicemail), Dictation, dialogue systems in computer games, text-to-speech translation, accessibility for the visually impaired, talking greeting cards, automated phone systems, talking menus, etc. 

Unlike simple computer voices, TTS systems are capable of speaking many languages and are able to generate speech that sounds very much like that of a human voice. If you go for the voice-over agency for all the listed tasks, you have to spend more. Reduce your 40% cost by implementing the TTS tool.

Privacy Control

You must be having private and valuable data on your website. Don't worry, text-to-speech allows you to securely store your scripts in the cloud, instead of sending them as email attachments to recording studios. It is built to value your security.


We hope you enjoyed our article on the benefits of text-to-speech converter technology. With this knowledge, we know that you can make the most of your business meetings and collaborate with ease on projects when using a text-to-speech converter. So what are you waiting for? Get a demo of a text-to-speech converter today by visiting speakatoo text to speech converter.



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